Nicola Farmer

Universal Spiritual Consultant


Nicola is continually channeling, creating and developing new modalities and courses to add to her array of abilities. Below you can read about her new work and bathe in the energy that they offer.

Having read through the following please use the links in each section to take your next steps.



A new and very exciting 2 day course, remembering how to channel the languages of the cosmos. You will experience various exercises and techniques to awaken your amnesic micro & macro coded memories.

Included in this journey you will be guided and encouraged to clear any misguided and/or blocked energy, understand various universal origins and to speak light language. You will also learn how to use voice toning for healing, experience cosmic travel and much more.

This workshop is taught online and in person, in groups. Please use the following link for course content, financial investment and to apply for the course.




This work was developed to teach how to retrain your Ego to work alongside your Spirit instead of against it. The techniques are simple and very effective and offer you the opportunity to move through life with ‘Grace & Ease’.

When you are more aligned and controlled by the Ego it’s likely that you will find life challenging and feel like you’re constantly dealing with consequences.

When your Ego has been retrained life can flow and any challenges will have outcomes, even if they may not be what you are expecting. Following this you will gain a greater understanding of your Inner Child and how he or she is the missing link in your wholeness.

Dedicating 2 hours of your time with Nicola will be life changing. You will gain insight and techniques to take away and complete the transformation of your Ego, along with a new relationship with your Inner Child.

This is exciting and life changing work, please email Nicola for further information or book your appointment NOW


DISCOVERING ME – Energy Management for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults

This new and pioneering modality offers energetic and creative guidelines along with exercises to assist children and teenagers with various emotional challenges that may be preventing them from living a natural and fulfilled life.

Using practical and dynamic exercises children and teenagers are guided to understand their energy, how to align and work with it to improve their emotional wellbeing and enable them to feel ‘in control’.

The practices can be spread over a number of sessions, depending what speed a child/teenager needs to go and how he/she is progressing.

This is exciting and potentially life changing work, please email Nicola for further information.


DISCOVERING ME – PRACTITIONER TRAINING – Energy Management for Children, Teenagers and Young Adults

To become a Practitioner of this pioneering modality (See Above), you will need to be practicing in other spiritual and/or holistic methods and have an understanding of energy.

As a ‘Discovering Me’ Practitioner you will support children, teenagers and young adults to identify and comprehend a multitude of challenges, mentally and emotionally, including bullying, anxiety and so much more.

You will teach them how to self-empower, self-heal, enable them to understand their energy, who they are and support them in discovering their dreams and self fulfilment.

To become a Discovering Me Practitioner please use the following link to apply for this course.




During a session with Nicola’s client she was asked to search for any blocks that may potentially be blocking her client moving forward. Nicola asked her Spirit Counsel for advice and they showed her a Spiders Web and explained how she should proceed. At this point Nicola began to explore her clients current timeline and then into his previous lives to uncover experiences that he’d brought forward into this one that were creating blocks.

This was the birth of a new type of reading, one that can be enlightening, therapeutic and potentially life changing. You’ll  learn about, up to, 8 previous lives and given ways to unblock unhelpful patterns that are preventing you from living a more peaceful life.

To experience this reading, please email Nicola for further information or book your appointment NOW