Nicola Farmer

Universal Spiritual Consultant


As we navigate our way through the oceans of emotions, we find ourselves in spaces of emptiness, which holds keys to unlock multiple doors, that have been closed during this time. We find ourselves in a position where the knowledge pours forth from core of our Soul and yet we are restricted by the ears of those who cannot hear.

Many of us have been striving to enable the awakening of humanity, facilitating awareness and assisting in the healing of body, mind and soul. We have witnessed dimensional shifts in awareness, a magnitude of awakenings and now we have reached the plateau where we have become Observers.

There has been a drive towards the Rising of the Divine Feminine, we have witnessed many falls throughout millennia and now we are holding within the light a balance of power. Earth has moved into a new phase within the Consciousness of Light and we are nearing the completion of a major stage in the stabilisation of vibrational alignment.

A different perspective is now necessary, we have been silenced and limited in the capacity as a Spiritual Beings. It is time for us to move forward in the silence, with open hearts and listening ears for those who have found their voice. There are many who continue to slumber in the shadows of time and yet the numbers are decreasing as they hear and begin to acknowledge the truth.

There is great necessity to utilise the Mother Energy, that resides within each of us, more than ever before. The gentle, nurturing and loving essence, the power of creation and the ability to hold a space in the heart for healing, in the silence. It is not a time for action or words, this has long passed, it is a time of stillness and observation as the patriarchal energy finally dissipates and falls into the abyss. Many have also fallen into the shadow of the abyss by engaging in the dysfunctional chaos that was constructed to divide the light and bring about another ‘Fall in Consciousness’, of course it will not happen. Be discerning of the knowledge that is promoted and follow the trail of destruction back to the origin and align with the truth.

This is a call to Motherhood, the Divine Mother calls us into non-action, she whispers in the silence to be still and to manoeuvre the essence of her energy into place. She calmly nurtures space to create a Nest of Light to embed all who behold the Divine Feminine. She calls the Warriors, Healers, Angelics, Ascenders, Elementals of Light, Earth Beings and Light Beings to Unite, to advance the Truth.

The onward path in the Motherhood of Light is to create many safe havens, to listen, to nurture and to remain in the stillness as we create multiple layers within the matrix to feather the nest with love. The Quantum Field holds the keys that unlock the doors as they open into the silence to see beyond the illusion of fear. The Mothers love holds us in the Breast of Consciousness as we Birth the Light through the Womb of Truth.

Channelled By Nicola Farmer – 15/9/2020