Nicola Farmer

Universal Spiritual Consultant


New Souls have been incubating in Golden Pods around the Earth for the last 3 years. The ‘pods’ are aligned with Sacred Sites around Earth and pioneering children have been sending their experiences to the Pods, in preparation for the others to come.

These Souls have never incarnated on Earth and have begun birthing in number this year (2020). They come with an enhanced DNA and high vibrational energy. Each one of them will be born into the New Earth, which began its final stages of transition on 22/2/2020.

I was guided to call them the ‘Glow Children’ as the ‘pods’ glow in a golden light.

The children will radiate a light that will be in alignment with Quantum Light, they will also be channels for old and dysfunctional energies that now must be transmuted. They are strong and have an untapped system that can uphold the Quantum Light as it flowed through them, especially when transmuting energies such as radiation from technology.

They have been prepared for the archaic education systems around the world and part of their lifework is to assist with long overdue changes.

Earth has been waiting for these ‘New Souls’ for a long time and as they begin to incarnate, in their numbers, they will integrate with Earth Children, facilitating necessary upgrades that are urgently required now.

When these children are born they will vibrate an energy that is tangible to people around them. This vibration is the closest to the Source of Love possible in human form. It has the potential to expand hearts and reduce people to tears of absolute joy as this happens.

When you encounter one of the ‘Glow Children’ you will know instantly. He or she will recognise your frequency and will know whether you need a vibrational boost/upgrade. If you do this will happen organically and naturally.

This is an incredible time on Earth, it is imperative that we remain in equilibrium and hold a space of love and peace alongside Starseeds, Light Beings, Light Workers and the Quantum Light that is streaming to Earth right now.

It would be lovely to share with each other when we meet one of these incredible ‘New Souls’ and what our experiences have been.

Let’s welcome them with open hearts and nurture them with love.

By Nicola Farmer – 22/2/2020