Nicola Farmer

Universal Spiritual Consultant


You have been duped into believing that there is a cellular memory where the realms of life that can be accessed to unlock memories of life before to gain further access of life beyond eternity.

This is a bold statement and it may cause some confusion let us explain what is meant by these words.

Believing is an act of knowing that there are multiple ways to gain an understanding of that which is perceived by the mind to be absolute. It is a mechanism that enables and allows the beholder to gain insight into the unseen, untouched and unavailable. To believe is to know that the impossible is possible without limits. 

Cellular memory is compartmentalise experiences that have divided into micro organisms to be disseminated into coherent groups of words to be composed again into memorable semblance of knowledge. 

Unlocking life’s memoirs is an act of conscious reverse where all that has gone before you is regurgitated into the present moment. This is where past illusions can be interlaced with the present and blur factual information with that which is desired by the mind to cure the effects of life in challenging times, where the plan is appearing to be deliberately sabotaged. 

Gaining access to life beyond eternity is to move into realms of unknown possibilities to see what is unseen in the present moment. Before you lies an infinite source of opportunity that can lead you into the future self where your presence is undefined. Within this concept there are multiple versions of oneself who at any moment will present the version of life that the mind subconsciously seeks. This is limiting you to all possibilities and closes doors that have remained open for eternity. 

Your responsibility is to breathe and live in this moment where multiple options will present many pathways to discover your truth. What you hold within your cellular memory is and are navigational instruments to guide you into perfection of your highest capabilities and intelligence. 

Channelled By Nicola Farmer – March 24