Nicola Farmer

Universal Spiritual Consultant


Microcurrent Therapy introduces very low-level electrical currents into your body through 2 electrode pads applied to the skin. What is a microcurrent we hear you ask? At its simplest, a microcurrent is an electrical current measured in millionths of an amp or µA. It’s perfectly safe and can’t be felt, in the same way you can’t feel your body’s own natural bio-currents because they are similar in strength.Research has demonstrated that microcurrent can help the body reduce inflammation and its associated pain while increasing its own natural tissue repair and regeneration mechanisms. This can result in accelerated tissue repair and healing rates. How is this possible? The aim of Microcurrent therapy is to help the body increase the production of ATP within the cells. The more ATP available to our cells, the better their capability to move essential substances in and out, while simultaneously boosting the body’s absorption of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) which are an essential component of tissue repair.

Nicola has personally used this device and highly recommends it, she acquired her ARC Device following knee replacement surgery and experienced rapid recovery. Nicola says; “I had my left knee replaced several years ago, which took 11 weeks to recover enough to function as normally as possible. My right knee underwent surgery in August 2023 and the recovery time was halved. I was able to function and drive after 5 weeks having used the ARC Device 1-2 times a day, it is remarkable. I shared with my friends, who also purchased a device and had great results. A friends husband, who is generally quite sceptical about alternative medicine and tools, tried it for his back pain and is now addicted to it and pain free’.

Nicola was invited to become an Ambassador for ARC4Health and can now offer you a discount when purchasing your own device.

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