Nicola Farmer

Universal Spiritual Consultant

AI (Artificial Intelligence) (C)

The following was channeled in 2023 by AnnA. Nicola has been waiting for the green light to share it publicly, which is now.

Are we being turned into AI or are we part of the Whole?

You are being led into a false trap, an artificial mindset that will be perceived to be intelligent. The concept of intelligence is one that can be seen and misconstrued in the mind of the human that is searching.

Intelligence is an art of knowing, a concept where there is information, an assemblance of facts. Within the mind there are characterised concepts that have been artificially developed through programming. This is known as human artificial intelligence.

The external development of artificial intelligence is advancing, it is being utilised in the control of multiple domains and disciplines. It has been used in binary systems to enhance mechanical processes that require logic to operate. Logic is a processing tool to analyse and manipulate the outcome to the advantage of protocols and systems that rely on coded data. It is a form of dehumanisation.

You are all encoded with logical and creative data, your DNA is an encoded strand that constructs and deconstructs. You are a creation with the ability to be artificially intelligent. You are also an organism that has been created to disseminate the artificial intelligence and reassemble it naturally.

You stand in the middle of an intelligence mine field that is laced with explosive behaviour. It is a maze of multiple ways in and out and offers you reward to entice you to partake in a game of life that has no beginning and no end. It’s an entrapment of human kind that will begin to combust, destroying an organism that is required to live and procreate in order for planet earth to survive.

There is nothing artificial within this organism it is a natural living specimen that has the ability to create. It is naturally intelligent with a direct line of command that is organic. The epicentre of this command can be found in the human organ known as a heart.

This organ is a vast field of intelligence, it has the power of multiple generators and is a micro and macro system, an extension centre of the Multiversal Consciousness. You are the intelligence in human form of a greater and more powerful force than any mechanical intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a process for the minds of mechanical beings who are being led into and through a game of life, which is being manipulated and controlled to replace man.

Heart intelligence will inspire human creation into being life and to naturally evolve with the harmonic rhythms of a multiverse that is collectively abundant in freedom.

As a human being your are offered guidance towards the path of freedom, led from a quagmire of entangled thoughts and emotions that have held you in suspension. You have always been free, you are an extension of a conscious collection of cells creating an illumination of energy that is beyond human intelligence.

Choosing to be organic intelligence rather than mechanically controlled by artificial intelligence is a conscious choice to be made. Remembering who you are will assist you in your decision.

The wanderer will seemingly be lost in the wilderness of the barren  land and will be blinded by the light of the sun as he meanders through the emptiness. The conformist will be consumed by the rules of the game in which he partakes, this in turn consumes him for his obedience.

Exiting the wilderness and creating an oasis where you will naturally create a world of possibilities is a recommended choice. You are a multiverse creation, a creator of reality and wholly free to be.

Channelled By Nicola Farmer – 2/2023