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Thank you for visiting Nicola Farmer’s website. This website was created to bring together all the incredible work that Nicola has available and has facilitated with many people, of all ages, around the world.

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Multiple options for healing and other spiritual and holistic practices.


Numerous opportunities to learn spiritual practices.


A pioneering and extraordinary teaching method for children.


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About Nicola

Nicola is a Psychic, Spirit & Trance Medium; Teacher of Higher Consciousness for Adults, Teenagers & Children; Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Speaker and Counsellor; Spiritual Course and Energy Tool Creator; Communicator & Channel for Ancient Druid & Light Language, Light Coding and Sound Healing; Facilitator of Healing, Healing Instructor & Healing Modality Creator; Human, Spirit and Property Harmonizer.

Nicola shares her knowledge and gifts for multiple purposes from a heart centred space. Her passion drives her to assist humanity with Spiritual Awakening, Awareness and Alignment, carving paths through life towards the Light for present and future generations. She successfully draws upon her intuition, innate wisdom, life experiences and the guidance of multiple Light Beings to assist many people around the world. She is in full flow of creation and will strive to support and guide Humanity along a path of Love, Peace and Unity, facilitating the cascade of changes needed, in whatever capacity she can, into Health, Happiness and Oneness.


Nicola Shares

“In this lifetime we are experiencing many changes that are enabling us to explore many avenues of understanding that may not have been revealed. Many people are awakening to their true aspect, a life beyond the normal and a hunger for spiritual knowledge and understanding. Many of us have been preparing for this time forever and now we are approaching it at light speed.

Thank you for visiting this hub, I trust as you browse the satellite sites they awaken something within you that ignites a hunger and passion for more”.

From My Heart



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